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Aug 31

Pace Yourself – Over 240 Exhibitors to See at NECA Show

With over 240 fabulous exhibitors signed up for the 2009 NECA Show in Seattle, we know it’s going to be tough to see everything in one day. That’s why the NECA Show is open for three full days, to allow Show-goers enough time to meet the manufacturers and try out the products.

Technical workshops will be going out during the NECA Show as well, so it’s a good idea to plan your schedule in advance. Use our interactive Show floor guide and 2009 exhibitors list to see what companies and products will be at the 2009 NECA Show — including first-time exhibitors like Galaxy Control Systems, Candels Consulting, Black Rhino, PEDOC Power Solutions, and DYMO/RHINO (sponsors of our 2009 NECA Show water bottles!).

Don’t forget the New and Featured Product Room opens an hour before the Show floor each day. It’s a great chance to browse new items and updated services at your convenience, and follow up one-on-one with the exhibitors at the Show.

Aug 20

Get $1,200 in LED Products at Pre-Convention Workshop!

Did you know that Philips Color Kinetics is giving away $1,200 worth of LED products to each registered participant in the How LED Technology Can Change Your Business pre-convention workshop?

Now that you do, can you really think of a reason why you shouldn’t enroll today?

LED technology is dramatically changing how electrical contractors specify and install lighting systems. Customers like the energy savings and control LED offers – and if you can’t meet their needs, they will find someone who can.

Be their best resource for LED information by educating yourself at NECA 2009 Seattle. At the pre-convention workshop, you’ll learn the right questions to ask when selecting an LED system, steps for making a cost-benefit analysis, and get a hands-on installation demonstration.

Register for How LED Technology Can Change Your Business now!

Already coming to NECA 2009 Seattle, and want to add this workshop to your registration? Go here to learn how.

Aug 19

Pre-convention Classes for Code Geeks!

Readers of NECA’s Contractors Code Letter will know about our special National Electrical Code-focused pre-convention workshops, including Sneak Peak at the 2011 Proposed NEC Code Changes, presented by Mike Johnston, NECA Executive Director, Standards and Safety. The half-day seminar on Friday, Sept. 11, will cover both the 2008 NEC and highlight some of the more than 5,000 proposed changes for the 2011 NEC.

Significant Changes to NFPA 70E 2009, also on Friday, Sept. 11, will cover how changes in the de facto electrical safety standard will impact on-site safety practices and project costs. The pre-convention workshop will be lead by Palmer Hickman, NJATC Director of Code and Safety Training and Curriculum Development.

All pre-convention workshops and many NECA 2009 Seattle management seminars can earn Continuing Education credits for attendees. Most pre-convention workshops only cost $125 for each registrant – a great bargain for professionals to need continuing education credits!

If you’re in the Seattle area, pre-convention workshops are a great way to take advantage of NECA’s training without spending too much time out of the office or away from home. If you’ve already made your plans to be at NECA 2009 Seattle, make the most of your time there by registering for a special pre-convention workshop today!

Register today!

Aug 11

Need Press Passes for NECA 2009 Seattle?

Registering to attend NECA 2009 Seattle with a press pass is easy. Email Beth Margulies,, with your name, media outlet, and contact information, and we will have your badge and registration packet ready when you arrive.

Don’t have time to register before the meeting? Media can still register on-site by coming to the Press Room. Exhibitor press kits will be located in the Press Room, and reporters can use the room for interviews or filing stories.

Registration is free for all members of the press with credentials or a business card from your publication. Press can take visit the entire NECA Show floor, including technical workshops, management workshops and general sessions.

Aug 10

Green Energy Challenge Finalists Announced; Winner Decided at NECA 2009 Seattle

Student teams from Oregon State University, The Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Washington will be competing for the top prize in the first Green Energy Challenge student design competition. The three finalists will present their entries at the annual convention of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) in Seattle, on Sept. 12.

The finalists were selected following the first round of judging from seven entries from NECA student chapters around the country. NECA and ELECTRI International – The Foundation for Electrical Construction, Inc. sponsored the Green Energy Challenge. A complete listing of project proposals will be available after the winning project is announced in September.

The Green Energy Challenge invited teams of students studying electrical construction, engineering, design and management to conduct an energy audit of a local K-12 school. Based on their findings, students developed customized proposals for energy retrofits that would improve the schools’ energy efficiency. Teams also designed a new solar PV and/or wind energy system for the facility.

The teams’ energy solutions proposals were evaluated on lighting analysis; transformer/distribution analysis; a solar photovoltaic or wind energy system design; schematic estimate and schedule; financing plan to implement the proposal; LEED certification for Existing Buildings Review; and format/appearance.

Each participating team will receive a $500 prize recognizing their work from Southern Contracting Company, San Marcos, Calif. Southern Contracting will also award each finalist team $1,000, and the grand prize of $5,000 for the winning proposal. Southern Contracting is a long-time supporter of the Foundation and a key contributor to the Foundation’s Talent Initiative program to support students’ interest in a career in the electrical construction industry.

“Southern Contracting is especially pleased to be a part of the Green Energy Challenge since so much our own business is now dealing with solar and renewable energy projects,” said Tim McBride, President and CEO, Southern Contracting. “We hope that students will be inspired to bring the same enthusiasm and creativity to an electrical contracting company one day that they brought to this project.”

Student teams also received financial support and technical guidance from their local NECA chapters and member firms in preparing their submissions.

“The Green Energy Challenge is a true hands-on learning opportunity for the next generation of energy professionals,” said NECA CEO John M. Grau. “Students are now following careers in construction because they see it as a way to make a meaningful difference in their world. I’m pleased we can give them this opportunity, and maybe help some local schools start saving on their own energy costs.”

The winning student proposal will be announced following the team presentations on Sept. 12 in Seattle. A catalog of all entries will be published online with the announcement.

NECA Student Chapters Participating in the 2009 Green Energy Challenge

NECA Student Chapter Sponsoring NECA Chapter
OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY Oregon-Columbia and Oregon-Pacific-Cascade Chapters, NECA
PURDUE UNIVERSITY Central Indiana Chapter, NECA

Aug 05

Making Your Local LMCC Work For You: Special Labor Relations Special Session at NECA 2009 Seattle

Local Labor Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC) language is in virtually every NECA-IBEW collective bargaining agreement, but is it effective? Local LMCCs are intended to improve communications, to solve problems, to sponsor local programs, to engage in public education, to explore new joint approaches to issues that involve NECA and IBEW members and the community and the electrical construction industry.

This Labor Relations Special Session will demonstrate what can be done through a local LMCC to build your relationship with the IBEW and to create positive marketplace reaction for your chapter and individual businesses.

The Labor Relations Special Session will be Monday, Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Make your plans to be there!