Jul 12

CAUTION: Data-Miners Seeking NECA Show Exhibitors in $1700 Scam

2011 NECA Show exhibitors may soon receive their own version of the document pictured below, from a data-mining company claiming to be verifying your company’s contact information for the NECA Show. Please be aware, neither Fair Guide or Construct Data Publishers, are collecting this information on behalf on NECA. If you complete and return this form, you actually authorize this company to bill you over $1700 and re-sell your information to other marketers in their own publication!

We value our NECA Show exhibitors, and we do our absolute best to protect the investment you have made in the NECA Show.  Your company listing in the NECA Show Guide, NECA’s convention and exhibitor websites, and posting your press releases for NECA 2011 San Diego attendees is included in your exhibitor fees. Unfortunately, it only takes listing your company name in the NECA Show Guide for unscrupulous data mining companies like Fair Guide to try to gather your contact information to try to make a quick buck for their own guides that they sell to other marketers. Don’t be a victim of this scheme! If you ever have a question about any materials you receive about your participation in the NECA Show, contact Julie Duda, julduda@necanet.org,  or Sue McCart, sue.mccart@mindspring.com or phone the NECA Show office, 301-215-4506.

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