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Jul 30


When Zack Armstrong attended a new NECA Now class recently, he came away extremely impressed.

Armstrong, who works with McCoy Electric Company, based in Portland, Oregon, said it was the single best class he’s attended with NECA.

The workshop was called “Stress & the Mind Body Connection,” and it was led by Alice D. Domar, a pioneer in the field of mind/body medicine.

“Alice was very present and engaged as a speaker and presented her topic in a meaningful and understandable way,” Armstrong said. “The entire industry would be very well served to have more classes in this genre at future events.”

That will happen this fall. Similar workshops taught by Domar will be offered at NECA 2015 San Francisco, including “Psychological Strategies to Reduce Stress” and “Physical Strategies to Reduce Stress.” These are pre-convention workshops, so it isn’t necessary to attend the entire convention to attend the programs. Additionally, there are many other great pre-convention sessions being offered, including effective leadership communication, preplanning, and risk management.

The main thing Domar wants attendees to take away from her classes is that people understand the harmful effects stress can have on a person’s mind and health and to recognize symptoms and tools to use to combat those symptoms to lead to improved physical and emotional health.

“It’s a very practical, hands-on approach,” Domar recently said, adding she likes to incorporate humor and personal anecdotes into her presentation. “I’m not talking about how to reduce stress. I’m going to be showing people how to do it.”

Some of the most common symptoms of stress include insomnia, headaches, neck and back pain, irritability, digestion and intestinal problems, fatigue, sadness, joint pain, and increases in alcohol use. Our instincts to control our stress levels tend to be wrong: highly stressed men tend to watch more television and drink more alcohol, while highly stressed women tend to eat more junk food and exercise less. None of those four behaviors are able to decrease stress levels, and actually can lead to more distress.

Domar conducts ongoing ground-breaking research which focuses on the relationship between stress and various medical conditions and the impact of lifestyle habits on mental and physical health. Domar has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments as a best-selling author, media authority and sought-after public speaker.

Added Armstrong: “The mechanics of running our businesses are very important, but the mechanics of taking care of ourselves so we can fire on all cylinders should be our first priority. Alice’s class helped point this out in a very beneficial way.”

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Jul 10

See Why We’re the #1 Event in the Electrical Construction Industry

The NECA Show is the No. 1 event in the electrical construction industry. 

We are proud to present the largest gathering of manufacturers and distributors, showcasing thousands of solutions contractors need to save money on the job and grow their business. The trade show floor is a virtual classroom, providing the latest technological advances in a wide range of areas, including power supply, security, tools, integrated building systems, lighting and controls, solar/PV and other alternative-energy markets. And be sure to attend your choice of 19 free technical workshops on the show floor.

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