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Aug 25

Safety Experts Offer In-Depth Training at NECA 2015 San Francisco

NECA is the leading source for the industry on electrical standards and safety—and we’ve got you covered with five preconvention workshops at NECA 2015 San Francisco!


Leading the courses are five of the best in the business, including NECA’s Michael Johnston and Wesley Wheeler, as well as James T. Dollard, Philadelphia Electrical JATC, James McGowan, Quanta Services, and Palmer Hickman from the electrical training ALLIANCE. Their combined experience in the electrical industry will benefit attendees at several key sessions.

2014 NEC Significant Changes

On Friday, October 2, Johnston, Executive Director of Standards and Safety for NECA, and Hickman will present 2014 NEC Significant Changes. The session provides a thorough look at changes in the 2014 National Electrical Code® (NEC), the most widely recognized electrical standard in the world, including new articles and revisions to existing requirements that have an impact on your daily business.

Michael Johnston is the chairman of the National Electrical Code Technical Correlating Committee and serves on the NFPA NEC Smart Grid Task Force. He is also an active member of IAEI, NFPA, ASSE, the NFPA Electrical Section, Education Section, the UL Electrical Council, and National Safety Council.

Palmer Hickman is the Director of Safety and Code Training and Curriculum Development for the electrical training ALLIANCE (formerly the NJATC). He represents the industry on the National Electrical Code (NEC) Correlating Committee, Code Panel 1 of the NEC®, and on the Technical Committees for NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, and NFPA 70B®, and NFPA 79®, Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery. In addition to his Codes and Standards involvement, he is an OSHA Construction Industry Master Instructor. He is a 34-year member of the IBEW with additional memberships including IAEI, NFPA, IEEE, NETA, and the UL Electrical Council. In addition to completion of the IBEW/NECA/NJATC apprenticeship, his educational background includes a B.A. in Labor Safety and Health.

Creating and Maintaining Effective Safety Programs and Policies

Also on Friday, Wesley Wheeler, NECA’s Director of Safety, will lead Creating and Maintaining Effective Safety Programs and Policies, which will detail how to access the status of a company safety program and the understanding and retention of your company’s safety training with employees.

Wheeler has over 33 years of electrical experience. Prior to joining NECA, he focused on safety as an OSHA instructor and safety director for a large industrial-based electrical contractor in Florida. Wheeler has taught OSHA instructor classes for NJATC and has participated in safety training at the annual NTI for the last 5 years. He has served in many capacities in his career, including electrician, foreman, superintendent, estimator, project manager and safety director.

OSHA ET&D Train the Trainer

The two-day OSHA ET&D 10-Hour Train-the-Trainer Course takes place Friday and Saturday. James McGowan brings his expertise to this course geared towards those who want to provide training on safety-related topics specific to electrical line construction. Those who complete this course will earn an OSHA 10-Hour Card.

McGowan is Director, Safety Training for Quanta Services Inc., a Houston, TX based corporation. He has over 15 years of field construction experience and 18 years of safety and training experience.  McGowan is a journeyman lineman and has worked in all phases of the power-transmission and distribution field. He is the chairman of the training task team (Task Team II) for the OSHA Electrical Transmission & Distribution (ET&D) Partnership, and played a role in the development and subsequent implementation of the ET&D Partnership 10-Hour OSHA course and the ET&D Partnership Supervisory Leadership Skills Outreach Training course.

Temporary Power Installations

Installing and maintaining temporary construction power that is integrated with electrical safety is an essential component of an electrical contractor’s work. On Saturday morning, James T. Dollard will present Temporary Power Installations and provide information on efficient and safe designs and installations of temporary construction power. He will also review the OSHA and NEC requirements for temporary power.

NFPA 70E Significant Changes

Dollard’s Saturday afternoon session Significant Changes in NFPA 70-E-2015 and Employer’s Responsibilities will help those who want to stay in touch with significant revisions to NFPA 70E and how 70E impacts employees and employers.

James Dollard is Safety Coordinator for the Philadelphia Electrical JATC. He is a master OSHA 500 Instructor and works closely with the Penn-Del-Jersey NECA Chapter towards safe working conditions on all jobs. As a member of the NEC, TCC, CMP-10, CMP-13, NFPA 70E, NFPA 90A and the UL Electrical Council, he plays a significant role in the development of electrical standards. Jim is the author of the NJATC Codeology textbook, the 2008 NJATC NEC Significant Changes and co-author of the 2011 NJATC NEC Significant Changes.

In-depth preconvention sessions are slated for Friday, Oct. 2 and Saturday, Oct. 3. There is an additional fee for preconvention workshops. To register for a session or for the convention, please visit


Aug 12

Take Advantage of Unique Educational Opportunities at NECA 2015 San Francisco

Don’t wait until the convention starts – amp up your education schedule today!

NECA2015SanFran-fbThe learning starts even before NECA 2015 San Francisco gets fully underway! Pre-convention sessions are offered on the Friday and Saturday before the main event.

Attending pre-convention workshops is a great way to get a chance to attend in-depth educational sessions on the most in-demand content available with the top experts in their field. You can expect engaging presentations and thought-provoking discussions as you learn how to stay connected and grow your business.


Back by Popular Demand

At this year’s NECA Now we saw that personal health—and in particular stress—is a major issue for NECA members and we’ve brought Alice D. Domar, a pioneer in the field of mind/body medicine, back for more sessions—this time on psychological and physical strategies to reduce stress.

Zack Armstrong of McCoy Electric Company, based in Portland, Oregon, praised Domar’s courses.

“Alice was very present and engaged as a speaker and presented her topic in a meaningful and understandable way,” Armstrong said. “The entire industry would be very well served to have more classes in this genre at future events.”

Armstrong, who works with McCoy Electric Company, based in Portland, Oregon, said it was the single best class he’s attended with NECA.

Added Armstrong: “The mechanics of running our businesses are very important, but the mechanics of taking care of ourselves so we can fire on all cylinders should be our first priority. Alice’s class helped point this out in a very beneficial way.”

Expect engaging presentations and thought-provoking discussions as you learn how to stay connected to the industry at NECA 2015 San Francisco!

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