Plan for Success: Exceed Expectations, Deliver Excellence

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Convention, Education


Washington State Convention Center

Room Number: 612

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How do we put the pieces of the puzzle together to benefit not only the profit margin, but also bring a higher value to the customer, the end user and our industry as union electrical contractors? In this session, two competitors will discuss how a collaborative effort focused on growing the pie – not stealing each other’s slice – is looking to create a paradigm shift in how NECA contractors view each other. Topics discussed include lean construction principles, safety, preconstruction planning, prefab, best practices and software.


  • Dave Fabulich

    Dave has been a Union electrician for over 37 years including 26 years as a General Foreman. In 2004, Dave was asked to create and develop a Preconstruction and Fabrication Division of which he still manages for Taft Electric Company. Dave and several others helped to start the Lean Construction Institute of L.A. / Orange County LCI Community of Practice (CoP) in 2008. He still currently serves on the advisory board. He is the Lean Coach within Taft Electric and has guided the company in their Lean journey and he has helped teach Lean Practices to multiple other companies.

  • Steve Rose

    Steve has been involved in the Union electrical industry for 36 years. He is part of Rosendin’s Lean Steering Committee and on the Southern California Rosendin safety committee. He was a commercial electrical inspector for the City of Los Angeles from his retirement from Local 11 in 2006 until 2010 and left the City for the position of Field Support Services Manager for the Southern California region of Rosendin Electric. He is currently the Corporate Director of Prefab and Packaging for Rosendin Electric. Also currently a member of the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety and Los Angeles County Department of Building and Safety Electrical Technical Advisory Committee. He prefabbed and packaged the first job he ever ran in 1986, and has developed prefab and packaging departments for multiple contractors in the Los Angeles area.