Prefabrication Tactics

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Pre Convention Workshop


Washington State Convention Center

Room Number: 308

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Examining if and what you should prefabricate is an important step every electrical contractor needs to take on each project. This course will discuss the tactics that beginners, those in the middle of their prefabrication efforts and those highly advanced in their prefabrication efforts can use to increase the amount of prefabrication work they do.


  • Mark Federle

    Mark Federle, PE, PhD, CPC, F. ASCE, CM-Lean is currently the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the McShane Chair in Construction Engineering and Management at Marquette University. He has responsibility of running the 13th ABET – Accredited Construction Engineering program in the country. Previously he was Chief Information Officer for The Weitz Company in Des Moines for 9 years. Prior to joining The Weitz Company, Federle was the Professor-in-Charge of Construction Engineering program at Iowa State University, where he taught for nine years. Dr. Federle has been active with the Electri International Foundation and NECA since the mid-1990s. He successfully completed a number of studies for the Foundation Additionally, he has spoken extensively at National, Regional, and State NECA conventions. Mark serves NECA as an instructor in a wide variety of courses, currently providing instruction in the Executive Management Institute, Pre-Planning, Risk Management for Electrical Contractors, and Lean Construction for the Electrical Contractor. He has published extensively on electrical contracting, both in Electrical Contractor Magazine Mark earned his PhD and Masters in Construction Engineering and Management from the University of Michigan. Mark is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Certified Professional Constructor. Mark was awarded The Career Achievement Award by Rose-Hulman in 2005. He was recognized by AGC of America as Instructor of the Year in 2011. He is a Fellow of ASCE.