Apprentice Showdown

This event has been cancelled.

The first annual NECA Apprentice Showdown is a collaborative effort between NECA, the Premier Partners, the electrical training ALLIANCE, and Powering America. Its purpose is to recognize remarkable apprentices and bring focus to excellence and opportunity in the electrical industry. The Showdown will consist of short, skill-based challenges from the Premier Partners and will happen during Apprentice Day on the Trade Show floor. Apprentices will be nominated by their Chapter for potential selection to compete. Those selected will receive a trip to Las Vegas to participate in the Showdown and will have access to the NECA Show. Upon completion of the Showdown, prizes will be awarded to the top performing Apprentices. The challenges will then be available to the other Trade Show attendees to test their mettle.

Chapters will be asked to select the apprentice they believe is best fit and most deserving to compete in the
Apprentice Showdown.

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