Creating Your Communications Playbook

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Each and every day you find yourself communicating in a way that is really negotiating. It might be with your spouse over the destination of your next family vacation, purchasing a high priced piece of equipment or securing that huge project that could be a game changer for your company. It’s a part of life, both personally and professionally. This session will help you walk confidently into your next important meeting with all the tools you need to get the best possible outcome. Stop splitting the difference and start maximizing your opportunities with effective communication and negotiation skills.

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  • Amanda King

    Stockton, California native, Amanda King is a motivational speaker and professional leadership coach. She holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a Master’s degree in Education, with a concentration in Administration and Leadership from University of the Pacific. In addition, Amanda is a certified Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner. She has a unique approach that inspires people to move forward to establish and achieve their goals.

    Her focus is to assist you in identifying what’s keeping you from reaching your full potential. More importantly, Amanda’s Energy Leadership program will support you in developing self-awareness, with knowledge and skills to lead confidently with a sustainable plan for you and your team.
    Amanda has a passion for working with electrical contractors who are ready to create the climate they want, to have the culture they need to be successful. The way an individual feels at work, will indeed impact the way they perform. In addition, the company culture either enhances or impedes productivity. Amanda is dedicated to helping your organization become more productive.

    As a leadership coach, Amanda creates workshops designed to support executive leadership teams, top tier managers, field supervisors, project managers and frontline leaders as they evaluate their leadership style. The Energy Leadership Program will provide tools that will transform you into a coach, and less of a boss. These leadership classes will enable you to lead more and manage less.

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