Body Language

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Few means of communication are more poorly understood than our nonverbal language.  Not only can it help us ‘read the room’ or even ‘read the zoom’ better, but it also allows us to project and present ourselves in the most effective way possible.  Projecting well makes us more compelling, authoritative, persuasion, and authentic.  Whether you’re selling or buying, you’ve got to start listening when the bodies around you start to talk.


  • David Meade

    David Meade has built a stellar reputation as one of Europe’s most sought after motivational and organizational speakers, trainers and facilitators. He serves as a lecturer and researcher in international business and strategy at the University of Ulster – where he is an honors graduate.

    More than 85 percent of Meade’s engagements are spent working at the executive level, motivating and inspiring some of the largest and most diverse organizations in the world. They include Apple, PwC, BT, Saba, Harvard in Boston, the Cabinet Office in Westminster, Bombardier and Bank of America.

    Meade helps clients improve business operations and performance by working with all levels within an organization. He does that by drawing on decades of cutting-edge research on management, organizational culture and leadership to build scientifically sound and evidence-based development programs that create demonstrable improvements, earning him acclaim from clients who recognize the strong business value he offers.

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