NECA Student + Contractor Meet-and-Greet & Networking Event [registration required]

This mixer will offer students an opportunity interact with contractors and learn about the different companies and jobs. The NECA Student Chapters attract the best and brightest in the nation and prepare them to become corporate and community leaders. They receive excellent academic preparation while consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic and leadership skills. Our Student/Contractor […]

Business Development Roundtable [Invitation Only]

The Business Development Round Table, which is only open to NECA, IBEW and LMCC Business Developers, will be held on Tuesday, September 17, 8-10:00 am in room Reef CF. As most of you know, this is the bookend meeting to the Business Development Conference held at the start of every year. At this meeting, we go around […]

Connecting by Faith and Prayer

Connect through Fellowship and Prayer Strengthen faith through testimony Express faith through worship   Sponsored by:          

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