Access Control and Video Surveillance Integrated into IoT and Cybersecurity

Learn about integration of loT for “asset tracking & life safety” and how the electrical contractor can become a trusted advisor and installer. An overview of the network will identify security products in a IoT World and what the electrical contractor needs to know. This session will also explain how cybersecurity can help electrical contractors […]

Balancing Service Work as a Low Voltage Contractor

As an electrical contractor working with specialty low voltage electronic systems, diversifying your customer base, balancing construction and service work, is key. This session will discuss how one NECA contractor took steps to become successful in the service market, including company best practices, software and outreach.

Body Language Brilliance

Science proves that body language communicates how to understand, persuade and engage with others. This session will identify ways to detect deception, decode emotions and maximize personal effectiveness.

Engage for Success

In order to become an effective leader, it’s important to build long-lasting and fruitful business and work. This session will discuss how to enhance relationship building and create high performing face to face or remote teams. The overview will also explain how to communicate effectively across the generational divide.

Lead with Your Head

The psychology of leadership provides a practical toolkit to become a more effective leader. This session will discuss how to improve communication skills and increase team productivity.

Grow Your Business by Knowing Your Core Markets

We pride ourselves in the ability to “do anything” but, if we say yes to all opportunities we find ourselves working on the wrong work. In this session we will discuss a strategy to grow your business and profits by saying yes to the right work and no to the wrong work.  We will explore […]

How and Why to Find a Mentor

It’s proven that mentoring enhances leadership skills and accelerates careers; but how do you find the right mentor, how do you get started and how do you build a mentoring relationship that helps you capitalize on the benefits of mentoring? This session will provide valuable insights and best practices for being a mentee. A four-step […]

Setting Boundaries and Saying No Without Guilt

In this fast paced industry, time has become one of our most valuable, yet scarce resources as we wrestle with taking on too much and finding the time to do it all. Living with high stress levels on a consistent basis or experiencing chronic stressful events, can have an adverse effect, both personally and professionally. […]

How to Develop Your Next Level of Leaders

To position your company for the future, it’s imperative that you identify and develop your next level of leadership talent. Whether that’s the next project manager, department manager or someone who’s going to eventually take over your spot. You must create an environment that fosters employee engagement and helps your developing talent envision their path […]

Effective Communication for Crucial Conversations

What would it take for you to see yourself as a dynamic communicator? This session will help you remove the roadblocks that have kept you from delivering your intended message during those crucial conversations. It may be a lack of confidence, the intimidation factor or you’ve had difficulties keeping your emotions in check. Whichever your […]

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