Women In NECA (WIN) & Future Leaders Roundtable [invite only]

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Mandalay Bay

Room Number: Room EF


Both the Women in NECA and NECA Future Leaders groups are invited to attend a very special roundtable & reception at NECA 2019 Las Vegas.

The Women in NECA (WIN) & Future Leaders Roundtable is your time to connect with peers!

The joint roundtable will feature a keynote presentation titled Unconscious Bias, with Maureen O’Brien presented by the Global Wisdom and Leadership Forum.

About the Keynote

Presented by: Maureen O’Brien, CEO, MOF

Have you ever driven to work, realizing after arriving, that you arrived without paying much attention to the journey? Did it feel like you were on automatic pilot or like you “just knew” the way without even thinking?

This reference is similar to how unconscious bias works. Most of us would say that we do not hold bias. However, data suggests differently.  Unconscious bias (or implicit bias) is defined as prejudice or unsupported judgment, much like being on automatic pilot, in favor of, or against a thing, person, or group.

In this session on Unconscious Bias, you will:

  • Determine how each of us holds unconscious or implicit bias
  • Learn how unconscious bias impacts hiring and promotion
  • Identify 8 ways that unconscious bias is killing your organization’s full success

Join us for this fast paced, interactive session on unconscious bias. Learn about the areas where you have bias that perhaps you don’t even realize. Once you know, you can’t “unknow.” Then, you have the opportunity to make a different choice.


Networking Reception

A joint reception Sponsored by Graybar for both groups will be held immediately after the Roundtable at 4:00 pm.

NOTE: Only Members of WIN and Future Leaders are invited to attend. 





  • Maureen O’Brien

    Dynamic Business Leader. Engaging Speaker. Stage IV Lymphoma Survivor.

    Maureen O’Brien, CEO, MOF is a non-traditional leader. Her first post college job was selling building products to contractors in the Chicago area. Following the birth of her first son, O’Brien launched an exterior remodeling company of her own called O’Brien & Son, Inc. Four children later, that business is in its 32nd year.

    Intrigued by the story of this engaging woman and her choice to play with the “big boys,” speaking requests came for O’Brien to share her story. Armed with a degree in education and the equivalent of a PhD in hard knocks, O’Brien is a highly sought-after business speaker, thought leader, and author, considered an expert in Transformational Leadership, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Relationship Selling, and Inclusion. She is certified in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, driving whole brain thinking and diversity of thought.

    In 2009, O’Brien launched the Global Women’s Leadership Forum® (www.globalwlf.com), a certified WBE, focused on equipping women and men with the competencies, confidence, and courage to lead. In 2017, that business made an intentional pivot and now identifies as the Global Wisdom and Leadership Forum to be inclusive rather than exclusive in its identification.

    O’Brien is a recipient of the Dr. MLK Award for the Acceleration of Women in Leadership by the IL Commission on Diversity and Human Relations. She has been named “One of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in IL” by the National Diversity Council.

    O’Brien has authored two books: “Get your Big Girl Pants on and SELL Something: A Handbook for Women (and Really Progressive Men) In Sales”, and “Oneness. Wellness. Wholeness: 4 Ways to TAKECARA U!” Books available for purchase on Amazon.com. She is currently working on two new books for release in the fall of 2018. One called, “With the Time We Have Left,” and the other “The Christmas Angel.” Preorders are currently being taken.

    In 2016, O’Brien was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma. She battled … and won!

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