Health & Safety

NECA National’s Legal, Risk Management and Safety teams are involved with Meetings and Convention as we continue to monitor the pandemic and plan for a safe and successful Convention and other live events and conferences.

Our commitment to safe and healthy travel will not wane. For example, with regard to Convention, we will maintain consistent communication with the City of Nashville and our destination partners to solicit regular updates on changes to pandemic health and safety protocols. At a minimum we will be in compliance with local safety protocols.

We will work with onsite partners to properly utilize space, particularly outdoor facilities, so as to maximize ability for social distancing. We will rely on Legal, Safety and Risk Management to consistently update CDC and TSA travel and pandemic related health and safety information.

We will create a “Know Before You Go” guide for our convention and meetings. Moving forward, this guide will have a pandemic section for attendees to assist in planning and decision-making for our events.

Travel and live meetings during the current pandemic may not be for everyone, and there is simply no way to eliminate all risk. However, rest assured that NECA National is taking the health and safety of its attendees very seriously, and our commitment to mitigating risk is a priority for the organization.

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