NECA Business Development Session

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14    3:30–5:00 PM • Breakers CD

The NECA 2019 Business Development Session is open to all convention attendees and will feature two presentations.  Hisham Said, Associate Professor of Construction Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, Santa Clara University, will provide a presentation on Smart Buildings and the Internet of Things.  Michael Clancy, Principal, FMI Corporation, will provide a presentation on Business Development Fundamentals for Electrical Contractors. Descriptions are below:

Moderators: Vince Real, President / CEO Big State Electrical, Vice President, District 5, NECA & Chairman, NECA Business Development Task Force and Mir Mustafa, Executive Director Business Development, NECA

  • Project Excellence Awards
  • NECA Service Network
  • NECA Accelerate
Electrical Contractors as Master Integrators for Smart Buildings: to be or not to be?

Presenter: Dr. Hisham Said, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Santa Clara University

This seminar will share the findings of an ELECTRI International study on the impact of smart buildings on the business models and services of electrical contractors. A building is called smart when its automation systems are integrated and optimized using the internet of things (IoT) technologies. Smart building enthusiasts call for the electrical contractors to capitalize on their low-voltage experience and transform into master system integrators for smart buildings. The presenter will share a roadmap for this master integrator transformation that considers the smart building challenges and opportunities from the technology, workforce and business perspectives.

Recession-proof Relationships 

Presenter: Michael D. Clancy, Principal, FMI Corporation

Over the past several years, the biggest business development challenge many specialty contractors faced was how to politely say no. As opportunities outpaced workforce availability, business development and sales was relatively easy. But with the recent yield curve inversion predicting an industry recession in the next 18-24 months, the next down-cycle has implications for our business development function. Join Mike Clancy of FMI as he discusses:

  • What the business development effort should look like going into and in a recession
  • How to leverage your best operational people into a BD support role
  • How to lock out your competitors from your best customers

Whether or not another recession is coming, this session will help you create and maintain recession-proof relationships with your best customers.

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