Scam Alert

As the 2024 NECA Convention and Trade Show approaches, we are hearing that some of our exhibitors and attendees are being called and emailed by companies claiming to be associated with the convention and/or trade show.

NECA warns all exhibitors and attendees to be careful!

Housing Reservations

NOTE: Be sure to book your hotel reservations directly through our registration process or reach out to CMR at 1 (800) 368-6322.

CMR is the only 3rd party company that the NECA Convention & Trade Show is associated with. All other Travel companies claiming to represent the event are fraudulent. They frequently offer attractive prices for familiar hotels but beware that these offers are usually untrue.

Please beware of a company called Expo Travel Bureau calling from this phone number: (513) 374-4941. NECA is not affiliated with them. We recommend ignoring these calls and emails.

Phishing Emails Posing as NECA

There are spam emails appearing to be from NECA attempting to sell NECA Convention attendee lists or “NECA Attendees Databanks”. NECA is aware of these spam emails and will continue to investigate the situation and try to prevent these scams as much as possible. NECA does not participate in the purchasing or selling of marketing lists or attendee information. Please do not open or engage with these emails.

Best Practices to Avoid Potential Phishing Emails
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the email have the official NECA logo?
  • Is the email out of the ordinary or unexpected?
  • Is the sender’s email from an unknown or suspicious domain like the above example:

Scam Email Example

Below is an example of a scam email received. If you have any questions or need clarification on the validity of an email, please contact