Innovation in Action: Real-World Applications

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Innovation is driving efficiency, safety, and profitability in electrical contracting projects. From advanced fabrication practices and project management solutions to cutting-edge AI tools, this session explores real-world case studies and expert insights into how innovative technologies and processes are reshaping the electrical contracting landscape. Contractors will also develop valuable strategies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.


  • Colby Bruce Headshot

    Colby Bruce

    Stewart Electrical Contracting, Inc.

    Colby Bruce has been with Stewart Electrical Contracting since 2004, working his way up from being an Apprentice Electrician to his current integral position as Vide President. He holds a Master Electrician License in 6 States including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island. In addition to having over 20 years of expertise in the electrical contracting industry, he is also a recent alumni of the NECA Innovation Institute’s Bell Cohort. Here he was able to hone his skills to become a visionary thinker with the essential innovation tools for practical deployment.

  • Sam Rokowski Headshot

    Sam Rokowski

    Maddox Electric

    Samuel Rokowski is the Director of the Maddox Training Institute & Construction Technology. He orchestrates training initiatives, virtual design and construction projects, layout, planning, and oversees prefabrication and acts as the UL Manufacturing Technical Representative for Maddox Electric. Samuel’s journey in the electrical industry commenced in 2002, where he embarked on a path of growth through Local 606’s esteemed apprenticeship program. He ascended to roles including foreman, electrical inspector, plans examiner, and qualifying agent before assuming his current position at Maddox Electric. Samuel serves as Principal for NFPA across various codes and standards, including the revered National Electrical Code and Nation Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. His expertise extends further as he actively contributes to five UL Standards Technical Panels, shaping industry benchmarks and best practices. Holding multiple electrical contractors’ licenses, Samuel is also a licensed plans examiner and inspector, a provider of continuing education, and NICET Level IV certification in Fire Alarm Systems. Samuel’s academic accomplishments include a degree in Fire Science, complemented by his graduation from the Innovation Institute’s Westinghouse Cohort, a testament to his commitment to innovation and progress in the field.

  • Kyle Witte Headshot

    Kyle Witte

    Lemberg Electric

    Kyle Witte serves as President of Lemberg Electric Company, Inc. He is a 29-year veteran of the electrical industry and Lemberg, where he amassed experience in computer aided drafting, estimating, operations management, project management, and construction department management until his appointment as President. He has seen first-hand the transformative power of technology within the industry and how embracing it can provide a competitive edge. Kyle is a graduate of the inaugural cohort of the NECA Innovation Institute, a one-year professional training program designed for executive-level thinking and leadership. As President, Kyle oversees Lemberg’s diverse offering of services including Construction, Data/Communications, Service, Energy Technologies, and Signs and Lighting. He has been a champion for harnessing technology for efficient operations and real-time agility.

  • Crystal Wagner Headshot

    Crystal Wagner

    Gerke Electric, Inc.

    Crystal transitioned from a 14 year career in education to join Gerke Electric Inc in 2021. Initially serving as the Payroll and Accounts Receivable Specialist, she quickly demonstrated a knack for financial management and operational efficiency. Crystal’s dedication and performance led to a promotion to Executive Director of Finance in 2022, where she played a pivotal role in strategic decision-making, financial management, and business development.

  • Kevin Moses Headshot

    Kevin Moses

    Big State Electric

    Kevin is the Vice President of Preconstruction for Big State Electric and oversees Estimating, Engineering, VDC, and Offsite Contruction Teams out of San Antonio, TX. I am married to my wife Julie for over 18 years and we have a son almost 13 years old and a 10 year old daughter. I have worked at Big State for over 17 years. I have a strong commitment to evolving our innovation programs striving for continuous improvement.