Introduction to Distributed Antenna Systems and Video Network Technologies 

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This course focuses on identification and installation of components for antenna systems used to capture, amplify, and distribute wireless signals and the design, installation, and operation of intelligent video surveillance systems. The full JATC courses on these subjects provide detailed instruction to ensure full area coverage and seamless system connectivity and cover the history of analog video, surveillance components, IP concepts, design considerations, and the use of video management equipment.


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    Steve Rose

    Electrical Training Institute

    Steve has been in the Unionized Electrical Industry for over forty-two years. Over the span of his career, which began with his apprenticeship in 1981, he has held numerous leadership positions across varied sectors of the industry. He retired from his home local in Los Angeles, CA in 2006, and became a Commercial Electrical Inspector for the City of Los Angeles from 2006 until 2010. He left the City of Angels to work for Rosendin, and return to his first love—prefab and packaging. He prefabbed and packaged the very first job he ran in 1986, and has supported multiple contractors in Los Angeles County over the years with developing/improving their prefab and packaging ventures. He is considered a thoughtful leader and innovator. He is a patented inventor and has many varied and unique inventions that have had a lasting impact on prefab shops and the field. Steve was Rosendin’s Prefab and Packaging Director from 2015 until late 2022. Over the years he has presented at NECA conferences, Advancing Prefabrication conferences, and the ELECTRI Innovation conference, as well as being featured in published trade magazines. He worked for one of the largest apprenticeship programs in Los Angeles as an instructor from 1996 to 2010, and as a Senior Instructor from 2010 until late 2022. As a testament to the continued strength of his leadership abilities, in December 2022, he became the Assistant Training Director of said apprenticeship program, which is currently one of the largest apprenticeship programs in the United States. Steve is utilizing his thoughtfulness and creativity to improve the educational environment of apprentices, encourage and realign the educational trajectory of their careers, and is ensuring that this occurs within a “World Class” facility.