Leading On Purpose: Finding Yourself In How You Lead

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Convention Education

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Convention Education, Exhibitor, NECA Convention and Trade Show (Full Meeting), Press Registration, Speaker Registration




In the dynamic world of construction, leadership is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This session is designed to inspire and guide you in identifying your unique leadership identity, strengths and values, enabling you to lead with authenticity and impact. Real-world examples will be explored to uncover the power of purposeful leadership and practical insights tailored to the electrical contracting industry.


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    Nic Bittle


    Nic Bittle is the founder of Work Force Pro and works with organizations and leaders who want to prepare and develop their workforce to lead with impact, act like a pro, and perform at their very best on a daily basis.  He does this in a variety of ways, from presentations and workshops, to books he’s written, or through other solutions he has created. 
    He is the architect of multiple performance improvement process curriculums which are specifically designed to prepare and develop current leaders, as well as our next generation work force, for the roles and responsibilities that lie ahead.
    Nic is the author of four books.