Triple Impact: Coaching and Mentoring as Investments in Retention, Succession, and Recruitment

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Trade Show Education: Leadership

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This session targets organizational leaders and HR professionals, focusing on the triple benefits of coaching and mentoring programs in enhancing employee retention, succession planning and recruitment efforts. Participants will gain insights into how these programs keep current talent engaged, attract new talent and prepare for future leadership needs.


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    Kristy Phillips


    As a dynamic professional deeply entrenched in the development of business relationships, Kristy Phillips embodies the essence of strategic partnership and networking excellence. With a robust background in the electrical industry, Kristy has mastered the art of cultivating meaningful connections that transcend mere transactions, fostering mutual growth and collaboration. Her approach, rooted in authenticity and a deep understanding of market dynamics, has enabled her to build a vast network of industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers. Kristy is not just a connector but a visionary, shaping the future of business interactions with integrity, insight, and an unwavering commitment to collective success. Through speeches, mentorship, and thought leadership, Kristy continues to inspire and influence the landscape of business relationships.