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This specialized course is designed for electrical industry professionals seeking knowledge of Fault-Managed Power Systems. This revolutionary intelligent power technology plays a vital role for safe and reliable power distribution. This course will provide you with the expertise needed to propose, sell and manage the next generation of Fault Managed Power Systems.

Participants should have basic knowledge of electrical systems, safety protocols, the NEC, and relevant TIA standards.
Course Outline:
– Introduction to Class 4 Fault-Managed Power
– NEC Article 726 Requirements
– System Components and Design
– Estimating FMP
– Selling FMP Solutions


Bob Dagostino is the founder and president of Dagostino Electronic Services (DES). With a lifelong passion for connectivity, Bob has steered DES since 1973 in bringing quality and innovative technology solutions to businesses across the region. World-class healthcare institutions, top universities, local and federal government and countless school districts have benefited from DES’ wide range of solutions, including networking, security, audiovisual, lighting and AI.

A passionate advocate for sustainable energy infrastructure and conservation, Bob has addressed local and national government forums. As a current board member of WPA-NECA, he is committed to training an experienced workforce through IBEW and providing equitable resolutions to today’s most complex issues.

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