2024 NECA San Diego Speaker

Denise M. Elliott

3M Company

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This session is designed to provide tools and information to create a safe digging plan for your construction sites to protect you, your company, and your legal liability in excavation. We will be exploring root causes of underground utility line strikes, current industry best practices, and the industry technology available. There is no “one size fits all” technique or technology. At the end of your session, you should be able to determine what is the best fit to mark, map, protect, and locate your underground utilities.


Denise has been with 3M for 29 years, Damage Prevention Specialist for 15 years.  Denise has a master’s in business and has national responsibility in the construction & industrial market specifically for underground utility mark, map, protect and locate.  As part of the Common Ground Alliance, Denise is an has been actively involved as a subcommittee member in the Best Practices Committee as well as the Education Committee.  As an damage prevention advocate, Denise works with various damage prevention organizations and teams including many 811 One Call Centers. Denise is a frequent speaker at industry organizational conferences/seminars on damage prevention and safe digging practices including World Data Center, Mango, MEA, OSP and National and Regional Damage Prevention Councils.  “

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