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In this immersive learning session, we will leverage our collective experience and the latest research in the strategic use of DEI&B to foster working environments that produce high performing people, build organizational culture and align with your business goals.


Michael Evans is a leader within Talent Learning for Milwaukee Tool. Michael has spent the last 20 years learning and leading in multiple sales, training, service, and brand marketing roles. Michael is a servant leader focused on educating Milwaukee teams to serve our partners and end users in the construction industry.
Michaels’ passion for people and culture has allowed him the opportunity to work as a chair for the Milwaukee culture team, driving the celebration and recognition of our diverse people. As a founding member of the Pudwill Leadership Center, Michael worked to design and deliver engaging training in both digital and live hands-on, taking user and product knowledge to a best-in-class level of immersive experiential learning.
Michael is a dynamic speaker and facilitator who aims to foster an environment where people learn and grow together toward measurable results.

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