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The business of electrical contracting is as challenging as ever. Projects often move at a rapid pace with minimal design documentation and less experienced managers. Identifying the “warning signs” on a project and understanding the tools that can help manage the documentation process is important. This session will arm contractors with best practices, standard tools and processes to properly document and make notifications of contractual changes.


Dr. Timothy C. Becker amalgamates 3 decades of experience, ranging from field engineering to executive management and spanning from office trailer to lecture hall, to conduct practical research, specifically addressing the success of electrical construction. He holds degrees from Iowa State
University, Arizona State University, and North Carolina State University.
For the past decade, Tim held a director role at Kiewit Corporation including supervision of its electrical craft apprenticeship program and
electrical technical school.
Now as ASU faculty, Dr. Becker teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, specifically including Construction Planning and Scheduling. Starting July 1, 2023, he will serve in a leadership role as Interim Programs Chair for the Del E. Webb School of Construction. Dr. Becker has authored or co-authored 13 published journal articles and referred conference papers and has spoken at numerous national and international construction-related conferences.

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