Addressing the Changing Workforce in Electrical Contracting

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Small, simple steps can drive meaningful change and foster conversations to shape the future of the construction industry’s labor outlook. This session will analyze vital industry data, explore demographic insights, workforce perceptions, and key challenges facing electrical contractors through focusing on findings from the ELECTRI International study titled “Addressing a Changing Trade Workforce: Strategies for Electrical Contractors.” Innovative solutions and actionable strategies will also be developed by looking at workforce dilemmas and focusing on the often-overlooked worker viewpoint.


  • Andy Sparkling Headshot

    Anthony Sparkling

    AES Consulting Solutions, LLC

    Anthony Sparkling is an Assistant Professor in Construction Management Technology (CMT) at Purdue University. Before joining the CMT department, he worked in construction for over twenty years. He started as a journeyman electrician quickly ascending to Project Foreman/Superintendent. Then, he moved into Project Management working for a mid-size GC/CM company in the US. Anthony received both his Ph.D. and M.S. in CM from Michigan State University. His research interests include organizational processes and practices, knowledge management systems, workforce development, and construction education. He has a growing research interest in the skilled trades and technical workforce shortages in the United States.

  • Kellie Holland Headshot

    Kellie Holland

    Empire Electric

    Kellie Holland serves as the Chair of ELECTRI and is the President of Empire Electric in Broomfield, Colorado. With a robust background in electrical contracting, Kellie brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach to the industry. Her leadership at ELECTRI focuses on driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and addressing critical industry challenges. As President of Empire Electric, she oversees operations with a commitment to excellence and growth. Passionate about empowering the next generation of electricians, Kellie is dedicated to enhancing the future of electrical contracting through strategic insights and actionable solutions.

  • James MacDonald Headshot

    James MacDonald

    Miller Electric

    James currently serves as Executive Vice President for IC, ISC, Commercial, Service, Technology Solutions, Smart Cities, and Strategic Accounts for Miller Electric Company. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida James has spent over 30 years in the electrical construction industry. He began his career at Miller Electric as an apprentice in 1988, graduated from the Jacksonville Academy of Electrical Technology, and is a Master Electrician holding an Electrical contractors license in the State of Florida. James is an active member of NECA and served as the past Governor of the Central Florida chapter. He is currently serving as the PRC Chair of Electri. Following career growth from Assistant Project Manager to Project Manager to Sr. Project Manager, he was promoted to Vice President in 2012. Under his leadership, Miller Electric has become the recognized leader for disaster recovery and power restoration for major corporate clients across the country, and his team has delivered consistent revenue and margin growth in all of our branch offices.

  • Toby Mitchell Headshot

    Toby Mitchell

    Classic Electric & Consulting Corporation

    Toby Mitchell is the President of Classic Electric and Consulting and the Chairman of the Electri CTC (Construction Technology Committee). With extensive experience in the electrical contractor industry, Toby leads a dynamic and youthful team, with Classic’s oldest technician being just 30 years old. His expertise lies in understanding and addressing the unique needs of a younger workforce compared to older generations. Toby’s leadership and innovative approach have positioned him as a key figure in shaping the future of the construction industry’s labor outlook.