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Toby Mitchell

Classic Electric & Consulting Corporation

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Small, simple steps can drive meaningful change and foster conversations to shape the future of the construction industry’s labor outlook. This session will analyze vital industry data, explore demographic insights, workforce perceptions, and key challenges facing electrical contractors through focusing on findings from the ELECTRI International study titled “Addressing a Changing Trade Workforce: Strategies for Electrical Contractors.” Innovative solutions and actionable strategies will also be developed by looking at workforce dilemmas and focusing on the often-overlooked worker viewpoint.


Toby Mitchell, President of Classic Electric & Consulting Corp., is a visionary leader with over two decades of experience in the electrical contracting industry. He has excelled in leveraging IoT technology to not only enhance building efficiency but also strengthen and secure long-term relationships with customers. Through his innovative approaches, Toby has demonstrated how smart building solutions can lead to more sustainable business models, enabling electrical contractors to offer ongoing, value-added services. His work emphasizes the importance of adapting to new technologies to maintain competitiveness and meet evolving customer expectations in the smart building sector. Toby’s expertise and strategies reveal the untapped potential of IoT in fostering lasting customer relationships and driving future growth.

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