Bridging the Communication Gap Between the Office and the Field

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Trade Show Education: Leadership

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To maximize productivity and profit, the field and the office must be on the same page, operating as a unit. A project can go south very quickly when communication is broken. To bridge the gap between production and project management requires a commitment to partnership and a common goal. In this session, you will learn about the power of partnership between the field and the office and have the tactics to bridge the gap at your company.


  • Amanda King Headshot

    Amanda King

    Wired Leadership

    Amanda King is a leadership coach and trainer for the electrical industry. In 2016, she began developing leadership training programs for NECA contractors. Amanda has a marked skill for connecting, engaging and inspiring her audiences. As the owner of Wired Leadership, Amanda works exclusively with NECA contractors and their IBEW partners to increase productivity and profitability, through training, coaching and development.