The ROI of Returning Citizens: The Benefits of Including Ex-offenders in Recruitment

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Each year over 600,000 individuals are released from Federal or State prison systems. One of the major factors that determine whether an individual will succeed as a returning citizen or re-join the ranks of the incarcerated is the ability to find meaningful employment post-release. This session highlights the benefits of including returning citizens in industry recruitment efforts. Explore the recruitment challenges of the industry, benefits available to companies that hire returning citizens and a broad overview of the system as explained through the experiences of both ex-offenders and prison industry professionals. 


  • Jeremy Davis Headshot

    Jeremy Davis

    Miller Electric Company

    Jeremy Davis is a Journeyman Wireman out of Richmond, Virginia. He is currently a Senior Project Associate with Miller Electric and part-time instructor for the Richmond Electricians JATC. A proud graduate of the Richmond Electricians Joint Apprenceship Training Center and NTI’s Outstanding Apprentice Graduate program, Jeremy is also the two-time recipient of the Mike Rowe Foundation Work Ethic Scholarship. In addition to his responsibilities managing projects and teaching part-time at the apprenceship, Jeremy enjoys using his expirences within the criminal justice system to provide motivational talks to the community, encouraging returning citizens to explore the benefits of trade apprenticeships. 

  • Terrance Freeman Headshot

    Terrance Freeman

    Miller Electric Company

    Terrance Freeman is a dynamic leader with a diverse and accomplished background in both public service and community development. Currently serving as the Senior Project Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Talent/Workforce Development at Miller Electric, he brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role.In a momentous event on June 25, 2022, Terrance Freeman was sworn in as the President of the Jacksonville City Council for the 2022-2023 term, having previously held the position of Council Vice President. During his tenure on the City Council, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to workforce development, advocating for meaningful change. He played a pivotal role in establishing a new chapter in Jacksonville’s Codes, creating the Jacksonville Upward Mobility Program (JUMP). This initiative aims to provide continuous apprenticeship and workforce training programs, furthering economic opportunities for the community.  Terrance’s commitment to community betterment extends beyond his political career. In 2020, he assumed the role of CEO at Read USA, underscoring his dedication to educational advancement. In 2019, as the Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida, he made a positive impact on the lives of countless young people. Terrance Freeman’s journey to leadership is rooted in his upbringing. Raised by an Army veteran and Baptist minister father and a career social worker mother, he learned the values of selflessness and leadership from an early age. Their example continues to inspire him to this day. Before his foray into public service, Terrance had a successful career in professional baseball. Subsequently, he earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physical education and sports psychology. He transitioned into education, dedicating over a decade to teaching, school administration, and coaching, where he recognized the profound calling of helping young people succeed. Terrance Freeman’s involvement in the Jacksonville community also includes roles as the Political Affairs Manager for the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and Executive Council Assistant for City Council Member Aaron Bowman. Terrance’s diverse experiences and deep-rooted commitment to community development make him an invaluable asset to any panel or discussion. He continues to champion causes that empower individuals and uplift communities, leaving an indelible mark on Jacksonville and beyond.