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Each year over 600,000 individuals are released from Federal or State prison systems. One of the major factors that determine whether an individual will succeed as a returning citizen or re-join the ranks of the incarcerated is the ability to find meaningful employment post-release. This session highlights the benefits of including returning citizens in industry recruitment efforts. Explore the recruitment challenges of the industry, benefits available to companies that hire returning citizens and a broad overview of the system as explained through the experiences of both ex-offenders and prison industry professionals. 


Jeremy Davis is a Journeyman Wireman out of Richmond, Virginia. He is currently a Senior Project Associate with Miller Electric and part-time instructor for the Richmond Electricians JATC. A proud graduate of the Richmond Electricians Joint Apprenceship Training Center and NTI’s Outstanding Apprentice Graduate program, Jeremy is also the two-time recipient of the Mike Rowe Foundation Work Ethic Scholarship. In addition to his responsibilities managing projects and teaching part-time at the apprenceship, Jeremy enjoys using his expirences within the criminal justice system to provide motivational talks to the community, encouraging returning citizens to explore the benefits of trade apprenticeships. 

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