Adam Davis Headshot

Adam Davis

Miller Electric Company


Adam S. Davis is the Virtual Design & Construction Project Manager at Miller Electric Company and has been involved in Construction Design & VDC for 20 years.   He has published “Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM”, National BIM Standard v2.0, helped develop manufacturer’s software for Revit, Member of the BIM Forum Working Group, and is a Member of the Innovation & Strategy Task Force for NECA.  Along with his VDC background, he has been involved in design, planning, and execution from the project level to the enterprise on projects from a 500-acre site to a 2.3M Square Foot Mixed-Use Manufacturing Building.   From specific animations of work tasks to full 5D sequenced models, Adam works to leverage models & information to support field installations.  He has built Design & VDC capabilities at 2 prior NECA Contractors and developed VDC Process and Fabrication Facilities. Recent Initiatives include using analytics with cloud models and CRM systems to create business data & industry metrics for VDC.

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