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There are numerous laws on the state and federal level that govern how employees should be paid for overtime hours, rests, breaks and travel. Contractors may be aware of the basics but not the nuances or the risks of these regulations associated with non-compliance. In this session, receive an overview of the most common types of regulations related to tracking employee work time and paying people accurately, insights into the business risks associated with non-compliance and technology solution tips that will help contractors track employee time easily and accurately.


Jason Patel is a seasoned professional with over five years of experience at Arcoro. Serving as a Product Manager with a keen focus on enhancing compliance and time-keeping solutions for workforce management. His journey at Arcoro began as a Solutions Consultant, where he honed his skills in understanding client needs and delivering tailored solutions that drive operational efficiency. With a deep understanding of industry challenges and a passion for innovation, Jason has successfully led numerous projects that streamline compliance processes and optimize time management for contractors.

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