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Performing quality work and providing great customer service is paramount to establish your business as a leader in the EV charging infrastructure reliability space. This session will discuss how to drive efficiency in EV charging, the electrification of transportation and how to work with generic EV charging project specifications. 


As the Head of Professional Services at ChargePoint, I oversee the sales and project channels engagement for the electrification of the transportation sector. With more than 15 years of experience in the clean tech industry, I have successfully delivered hundreds of projects involving charging, energy, and battery storage solutions for various types of customers and partners.

I am passionate about leading a world-class team that focuses on vertical expertise and strategic customer success. I create programs, coach, and enable teams to support all business markets and accelerate sales. I also collaborate with enterprise account executives and other organizations to ensure a standard and efficient approach to professional services. My goal is to deliver the new EV charging network with speed and scale, while ensuring quality, safety, and compliance.

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