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There are numerous laws on the state and federal level that govern how employees should be paid for overtime hours, rests, breaks and travel. Contractors may be aware of the basics but not the nuances or the risks of these regulations associated with non-compliance. In this session, receive an overview of the most common types of regulations related to tracking employee work time and paying people accurately, insights into the business risks associated with non-compliance and technology solution tips that will help contractors track employee time easily and accurately.


Michael boasts an impressive career spanning over a decade in the construction industry. He’s been a driving force for thousands of contractors, helping them simplify their time collection and operational processes. Michael’s hands-on expertise has been a game-changer, making the lives of contractors easier and more efficient. His dedication and innovative solutions have been a catalyst for positive change, turning challenges into opportunities. With a knack for blending tech know-how with exceptional customer service, Michael is the go-to guy for construction firms looking to streamline their operations and boost their success.

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