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This roundtable discussion on Labor Relations topics will cover the current pressing issues facing our NECA member contractors in this fast-paced industry. Attendees will discuss critical industry matters and share best practices and think-tank solutions to potentially improve outcomes at the local level.

Dates & Times

Established procedures are crucial for building strong connections between the parties. This session will delve into why clear processes are essential for effective communication and resolving conflicts and examine different processes used in labor-management relations, such as collective bargaining and grievance procedures. Following this session, you will be able to identify areas for process improvement, apply best practices for fostering positive relationships, and navigate any process breakdowns you encounter. 


Ian Andrews is the Executive Director of Field and Industrial Labor Relations based in Madison, Wisconsin. Ian has also served as NECA’s Executive Director of the Midwestern Region, a Field Representative in the Midwestern Region, Assistant Manager of the Illinois Chapter, and NEBF Coordinator for the Illinois Chapter.

Ian has been involved in numerous industry facets including being a Trustee of the Electrical Training ALLIANCE, secretary of NECA’s Workforce Development Task Force, Functionary and a panel member on the Council on Industrial Relations (CIR), a founding member of NECA’s DEI&B Task Force, and revitalized NECA’s peer group efforts for contractor members and association executives. Ian has a passion for uniting people and fostering collaboration for the betterment of NECA members and the electrical contracting industry.

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