Roundtable: Labor Relations

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This roundtable discussion on Labor Relations topics will cover the current pressing issues facing our NECA member contractors in this fast-paced industry. Attendees will discuss critical industry matters and share best practices and think-tank solutions to potentially improve outcomes at the local level.


  • Ryan Courtney embarked on his journey in the electrical contracting industry upon completing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology at Southeastern Louisiana University. With a rich and diverse background encompassing technical support, industrial IT, education, and industrial fabrication and assembly, Ryan has amassed invaluable experience across multiple domains.

    Over the past decade, Ryan has dedicated himself to the trade association sector, leaving a lasting impact at every level. He began his career as the Chapter Manager for the Kansas Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), where he showcased exceptional leadership abilities and developed a solid foundation in labor relations. He then served as the Executive Director of Labor Relations for NECA and later served as the Assistant Manager for the Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter of NECA, allowing him to deepen his expertise and expand his industry knowledge.

    Currently serving as the Executive Director of National Labor Relations for NECA, Ryan holds a pivotal position in shaping and guiding labor relations strategies, actively contributing to the association’s continued success and growth.

    With an unwavering passion for the electrical contracting industry, combined with his technical acumen and extensive experience, Ryan Courtney stands in a unique position to drive positive change and advancement within the field.

  • Ian Andrews is the Executive Director of Field and Industrial Labor Relations based in Madison, Wisconsin. Ian has also served as NECA’s Executive Director of the Midwestern Region, a Field Representative in the Midwestern Region, Assistant Manager of the Illinois Chapter, and NEBF Coordinator for the Illinois Chapter.

    Ian has been involved in numerous industry facets including being a Trustee of the Electrical Training ALLIANCE, secretary of NECA’s Workforce Development Task Force, Functionary and a panel member on the Council on Industrial Relations (CIR), a founding member of NECA’s DEI&B Task Force, and revitalized NECA’s peer group efforts for contractor members and association executives. Ian has a passion for uniting people and fostering collaboration for the betterment of NECA members and the electrical contracting industry.

  • As Director, Labor Relations at NECA, Jonathan Mandl is a passionate advocate for building strong partnerships within the electrical construction industry. A skilled mediator and leader, Jonathan most recently served as a Field Representative for the Eastern Region of NECA where he helped cultivate valuable industry relationships amongst the Chapters he served with their local union counterparts. Prior to that, Jonathan served as the Chapter Manager for the Central Ohio Chapter, NECA, where he steered the chapter’s direction and managed member services while acting as lead negotiator for more than 30 signatory electrical contractor members.