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Mark Federle

Marquette University

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The business of electrical contracting is as challenging as ever. Projects often move at a rapid pace with minimal design documentation and less experienced managers. Identifying the “warning signs” on a project and understanding the tools that can help manage the documentation process is important. This session will arm contractors with best practices, standard tools and processes to properly document and make notifications of contractual changes.


Dr. Mark O. Federle is a distinguished professor of construction and proven researcher for ELECTRI. Dr. Federle currently serves as Associate Dean at Marquette University, while remaining active in consulting and training for construction organizations across the country. Dr. Federle has taught more than 20 different college courses and has authored or coauthored more than 45 technical publications, many specifically related to electrical construction. Adding to his comprehensive experience, Dr. Federle also worked for nearly a decade for Weitz Company, ultimately as Chief Information Officer.

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