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Step into the future of construction excellence in this session, where industry leaders share their experiences with AI-powered solutions engineered to revolutionize productivity, protect your company from contract pitfalls and add efficiency in the real world. This session will explore the pros and cons of adopting AI tools into your company and investigate policy changes geared toward protecting your company’s proprietary information. 

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To create a positive and successful workplace environment, it is crucial that we approach our hiring and culture development processes with an objective mindset. In this session, participants will gain an understanding of the criticality of adopting an objective approach and comprehend the impact of inherent behaviors on company culture and morale. Mastering the art of interacting with team members through ideal forms of communication and providing appropriate recognition will also be discussed.


Michael Oakes is an entrepreneur and founding partner of First Choice Electrical Solutions, which focuses on changing the lives of their people! This is accomplished by providing professionally installed, well-designed and financially responsible electrical solutions to our clients. By the way we happen to be a great electrical contractor!  He has 34 years of experience in a wide range of positions in the Electrical Industry. Michael is acting as the managing member of FCES (First Choice Electrical Solutions), focusing on daily operations and business growth, emphasizing team culture and development. He is a state license holder, graduate of Scalerator Entrepreneur Training, active member of the NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) North Central Ohio Chapter, serving as a board member, a member of the negotiating committee and LMCC. Michael also serves on the NECA Innovation and Strategy Task Force. In addition to his FCES operating duties his plans include sharing his knowledge, his failures, and lessons learned with startup companies in the electrical industry. Away from the daily work routine, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife of 33 years Sarah, on the lake with their children Eryn (Zac), Tyler (Kayla) and Abigail (Spencer).  

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