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Shaabini Alford

Maxim Consulting

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Crucial strategies are needed to transcend from daily task management to championing a forward-thinking mindset and strategic planning outlook that achieves enduring business success. This session will explore and apply critical business tactics including: Succession Planning, Technology Investment, and Process Optimization for Project Excellence. Your focus will be shifted from working ‘in the business’ to ‘on the business’ in order to drive sustained growth.

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Ugly projects can happen. This session will help you identify warning signs, preventative measures as well as rescue tips to minimize loss and increase successful completion without burning bridges. Contract negotiations, good project schedules, quantity of RFIs and CORs, executive involvement and collaboration with other trades will also be discussed.

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Learn to give and receive feedback effectively in this session. Explore what is happening in the brain when receiving feedback. Learn constructive communication techniques, active listening, and the art of using feedback for growth. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their professional and personal relationships.


Shaabini is a Director at Maxim Consulting Group and is responsible for assessing, evaluating, and implementing client processes. Shaabini works with various sized construction firms to train, educate and inspire leaders. Having over 20 years experience, Shaabini has faced and conquered many difficult situations to a successful conclusion specifically in jobsite crisis management, contract terms and conditions, and legal negotiations in multi-million dollar change order settlements.

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