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This specialized course is designed for electrical industry professionals seeking knowledge of Fault-Managed Power Systems. This revolutionary intelligent power technology plays a vital role for safe and reliable power distribution. This course will provide you with the expertise needed to propose, sell and manage the next generation of Fault Managed Power Systems.

Participants should have basic knowledge of electrical systems, safety protocols, the NEC, and relevant TIA standards.
Course Outline:
– Introduction to Class 4 Fault-Managed Power
– NEC Article 726 Requirements
– System Components and Design
– Estimating FMP
– Selling FMP Solutions


Stephen Eaves is the founder and CEO of VoltServer and is the inventor of a new technology class for electricity distribution called Fault Managed Power or FMP. FMPs active safety controls make it the first form of electricity that is not harmful when in contact with humans even at hundreds of volts. FMP was recently adopted into the 2023 National Electric Code and is the subject of two new UL safety standards. The company has deployed the technology in over 1,000 large venues like NFL stadiums, conference centers and high rises. Steve has more than 30 years’ experience innovating around electrical energy storage, distribution, and management.

Steve has authored or co-authored numerous industry and peer reviewed papers related to the energy industry that have appeared in academic journals and media outlets such as Newsweek, the Washington Post and IEEE proceedings. Stephen has more than 35 patents and has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Connecticut. He is an Air Force veteran.

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