Roundtable: Service and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance work is centered around efficiency, safety and reliability of electrical systems. This roundtable discussion among your peers offers the chance to learn about service & maintenance best practices and strategies.

Moderated by Fred Sargent.

Driving Efficiency, Quality and Customer Satisfaction in EV Charging Projects

Performing quality work and providing great customer service is paramount to establish your business as a leader in the EV charging infrastructure reliability space. This session will discuss how to drive efficiency in EV charging, the electrification of transportation and how to work with generic EV charging project specifications. 

Fair Outcomes for Electrical Contractors for Schedule Compression and Out of Sequence Work

The business of electrical contracting is as challenging as ever. Projects often move at a rapid pace with minimal design documentation and less experienced managers. Identifying the “warning signs” on a project and understanding the tools that can help manage the documentation process is important. This session will arm contractors with best practices, standard tools and processes to properly document and make notifications of contractual changes.

The Voice of The Safety Professional: Getting You to Support Their Safety Initiatives

What does it take to get senior leaders to support a safety initiative with words, actions, and money? With this question in mind, we interviewed deeply experienced safety professionals about their successes and frustrations in working with their organization’s leadership team. We will cover the 7 principles they follow when they are looking for maximum senior leader buy-in.

Leading On Purpose: Finding Yourself In How You Lead

In the dynamic world of construction, leadership is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This session is designed to inspire and guide you in identifying your unique leadership identity, strengths and values, enabling you to lead with authenticity and impact. Real-world examples will be explored to uncover the power of purposeful leadership and practical insights tailored to the electrical contracting industry.

Are You Getting the Most Out of NECA?

You’re part of the premier association for electrical contractors and have access to invaluable content, programming and opportunities—but what should you focus on? This session, delivered by NECA Field Representatives, will help you prioritize which programs and services will have the most immediate effect on your business. Learn how NECA can help you with labor relations, business and market development, education, innovation, standards, safety, advocacy, networking and more.

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Electrical Contracting Market

For successful mergers & acquisitions, knowing what buyers are looking for and how to stand out in the electrical contracting market is important to business success. This session will provide an overview of the M&A market for electrical contractors, reviewing trends, buyer dynamics, and what buyers are looking for when considering an acquisition.

Financial Statement and Cash Flow Deep Dive

Understanding your financial statements is critical to managing your business and quickly reacting to the ever-changing business environment. In this session, take a deep dive into financial statements, including the balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flow. Get ready to be guided through a line by line description of common items on contractor financial statements and what they tell you about your business and operations. Interpretation and use of common financial statement ratios will also be discussed.