Work Smarter, Not Harder: Digital Technology for Electrical Contractors

The U.S. is in a massive shift towards electrification, posing challenges and opportunities for electrical contractors. We’ll explore how digital tech like AR enhances safety during installation, and remote monitoring tools boost workforce flexibility. Federal funding and local incentives are reshaping our electrical infrastructure, with a focus on renewables, demanding more from contractors. During this session we will demonstrate how technology helps us adapt swiftly and safely to the energy transition.

Helping You Win More EVSE Projects and Doing Them More Profitably

This presentation will help NECA members navigate how to successfully sell Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). We will discuss strategies to win more of these projects, including government incentives. We will also discuss techniques to make these projects more profitable, such as project management and mitigating risk.

Common Compliance Pitfalls You Can Avoid Using Time Tracking Tech

There are numerous laws on the state and federal level that govern how employees should be paid for overtime hours, rests, breaks and travel. Contractors may be aware of the basics but not the nuances or the risks of these regulations associated with non-compliance. In this session, receive an overview of the most common types of regulations related to tracking employee work time and paying people accurately, insights into the business risks associated with non-compliance and technology solution tips that will help contractors track employee time easily and accurately.

The 8 Paradigms of Leadership

In this presentation, you will learn the 8 paradigms of leadership. The adage that “employees don’t leave jobs, they leave leaders” is just as true today as it ever has been as the younger generations are not afraid to job hop. Leaders have a unique impact on retention, employee well-being and organizational performance. Learn about your personal leadership style and gain a firsthand look at how employees view the different styles of leadership.

The Intentional Leader: Best Practices for Smart Contractors

You’ve recently brought in new leadership talent or promoted someone within your company. What’s next? In our session, we’ll explore the distinctions between outstanding leaders and those who struggle to make an impact. Is it in how they communicate or is it about setting clear expectations? Does it revolve around developing others or is self-development more critical? If you’ve ever pondered about the skills and practices your organization should be nurturing in its leaders today, this session is tailor-made for you.

Empowering Future Leaders: Exploring the ELECTRI Project Management Apprenticeship Program

During this session, attendees will gain insights into the ELECTRI International Project Management Apprenticeship Program. Discover how this innovative initiative is shaping the future of project management in the electrical contracting industry. Learn about the program’s curriculum, benefits and how it empowers aspiring project managers to excel in their careers. Whether you’re an industry veteran or new to the field, this session offers valuable insights into advancing your skills and navigating the evolving landscape of project management.

Driving Efficiency, Quality and Customer Satisfaction in EV Charging Projects

Performing quality work and providing great customer service is paramount to establish your business as a leader in the EV charging infrastructure reliability space. This session will discuss how to drive efficiency in EV charging, the electrification of transportation and how to work with generic EV charging project specifications.