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Service & Maintenance work is centered around efficiency, safety and reliability of electrical systems. This roundtable discussion among your peers offers the chance to learn about service & maintenance best practices and strategies.


Fred Sargent has spent virtually all of his working years in the electrical contracting industry. He is former CEO of Pittsburgh-based Sargent Electric Company, where he first acquired his passion for the wide-ranging possibilities in service & maintenance in 1978. A decade later he co-founded the TEGG® network, which today is an international organization with a business-format franchise for predictive and preventive maintenance. He is founder and president of Great Service Forums,℠ a one-of-a-kind program, exclusively for union electrical contractors.(See Great Service Forums℠ began in 2016 with a mission of filling a need to support union electrician service department managers with unique learning experiences tailored specifically to the demands of their role in service & maintenance.

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