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General contractors and subcontractors can utilize data to achieve mutual understanding and fairness during contract review. This session will show the most common pitfalls in negotiations and project execution, and then reveal strategies for successful outcomes. ELECTRI and Document Crunch research will be leveraged to touch on the current state of the market and help contractors understand where they stand against their peers when it comes to contract risk and how to make informed decisions about the contracts they are signing.

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AI is transforming decision-making processes in electrical construction. Through ELECTRI International research, this session will explore AI potential benefits and risks and analyze real-world AI applications. Practical strategies for leveraging AI effectively and avoiding potential pitfalls in electrical construction projects will also be discussed.


As Executive Director of ELECTRI International, the Foundation for Electrical Construction, Josh Bone guides the Foundation’s research and education agenda to ensure it remains a vital resource for the entire electrical construction industry. He began as Interim Executive Director in April 2020, before being installed as its permanent Executive Director on October 1, 2020.


Bone joined NECA in October 2019 as Executive Director of Industry Innovation. In this position, he was responsible for implementing, training and presenting construction technology solutions to electrical contractors nationwide.


Bone started his career working with design teams, then transitioned into helping construction professionals leverage technology in both the preconstruction and construction phases. He has had the opportunity to work on hundreds of projects throughout his career, where he has delved deep into the VDC process. He has also shared his knowledge with audiences and publications across North America as a frequent professional speaker, guest editorial contributor and podcaster

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