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Engaged employees are happier and more productive, have lower absenteeism and higher retention rates, and their companies are more profitable. On a scale from 1-10, how engaged are your employees? During this session, attendees will learn a simple seven-step process that is proven to increase employee engagement. It doesn’t matter if the employees are new hires or 30-year veterans, laborers in the field, or vice presidents; this process guarantees improved employee engagement.

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Is your company culture the same throughout all levels of the organization? For many companies, the leadership’s view of the company’s culture is quite different than that of the rank-and-file employees. In this session, learn why there is a misalignment in company cultures and what steps you can take to strengthen the culture and build a winning team.


Matt Firestone is President of Firestone Consulting Group, a business growth and strategy firm located in Lincoln, NE. Firestone Consulting Group works with the leaders and owners in the construction industry to align their teams, tune their processes, and maximize their profits.
With decades of hands-on experience, Matt and his team bring a real-world approach to working with their clients – through strategic planning, leadership development, and coaching. In addition to owning his own construction firm, Matt has a monthly column in an industry-leading trade magazine and a national presence speaking and teaching on a variety of topics in the construction industry.

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