NECA’s Leadership Journey

To become the best possible electrical contractor, NECA members must continuously learn, adapt and grow. NECA has created a suite of programs that provides individuals at NECA member firms with an opportunity to innovate, refine and expand their knowledge. This session will discuss NECA’s leadership transformation programs and how NECA members can take advantage of them for the future.

Success Through a High-Performance Culture

Is your company culture the same throughout all levels of the organization? For many companies, the leadership’s view of the company’s culture is quite different than that of the rank-and-file employees. In this session, learn why there is a misalignment in company cultures and what steps you can take to strengthen the culture and build a winning team.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learn to give and receive feedback effectively in this session. Explore what is happening in the brain when receiving feedback. Learn constructive communication techniques, active listening, and the art of using feedback for growth. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their professional and personal relationships.

Best Practices for a Multi-Generational Workplace

Bridge generational gaps! In this session, you will gain insights into the common communication styles and processes of the different generations currently in the workplace. You will walk away with practical tools, techniques and tactics to foster meaningful and effective communication and a collaborative work environment. Learn how to leverage these generational differences to the benefit of your business.

Bridging the Communication Gap Between the Office and the Field

To maximize productivity and profit, the field and the office must be on the same page, operating as a unit. A project can go south very quickly when communication is broken. To bridge the gap between production and project management requires a commitment to partnership and a common goal. In this session, you will learn about the power of partnership between the field and the office and have the tactics to bridge the gap at your company.

How To Do More With Less

During this session you will unlock the potential of effective leadership, designed to provide strategic insights to maximize productivity within resource constraints, overcome scheduling obstacles and navigate complex contract negotiations. Explore proven methodologies shared by an expert panel that enable contractors to optimize project outcomes, enhance profitability and mitigate risks within the fiercely competitive landscape of electrical construction.

Triple Impact: Coaching and Mentoring as Investments in Retention, Succession, and Recruitment

This session targets organizational leaders and HR professionals, focusing on the triple benefits of coaching and mentoring programs in enhancing employee retention, succession planning and recruitment efforts. Participants will gain insights into how these programs keep current talent engaged, attract new talent and prepare for future leadership needs.

Discovering Challenges and Solutions in Family Business

Running a family business comes with challenges. Oftentimes, the statement is made, “Stay in your lane!”. Identifying roles and responsibilities as well as strengths and talents, is where it begins. This session is designed for the NECA contractor trying to navigate the challenges that come with working with your relatives. This presentation will include a robust discussion where NECA member contractors share their real-life challenges and real-life solutions discovered through running a family owned business.

Moderated by Amanda King.