Helping You Win More EVSE Projects and Doing Them More Profitably

This presentation will help NECA members navigate how to successfully sell Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). We will discuss strategies to win more of these projects, including government incentives. We will also discuss techniques to make these projects more profitable, such as project management and mitigating risk.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Digital Technology for Electrical Contractors

The U.S. is in a massive shift towards electrification, posing challenges and opportunities for electrical contractors. We’ll explore how digital tech like AR enhances safety during installation, and remote monitoring tools boost workforce flexibility. Federal funding and local incentives are reshaping our electrical infrastructure, with a focus on renewables, demanding more from contractors. During this session we will demonstrate how technology helps us adapt swiftly and safely to the energy transition.

Practical Applications of AI

Step into the future of construction excellence in this session, where industry leaders share their experiences with AI-powered solutions engineered to revolutionize productivity, protect your company from contract pitfalls and add efficiency in the real world. This session will explore the pros and cons of adopting AI tools into your company and investigate policy changes geared toward protecting your company’s proprietary information. 

Battery Energy Storage System Design and Implementation

Ensuring high reliability and safety from start to finish with BESS devices requires specific considerations from design to install to maintaining systems. This session discusses sizing and handling battery energy storage best practices. Articulating the benefit of BESS for microgrids and EV charging sites will also be discussed.

Getting Started in Systems Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) and adoption of smart building technologies has become increasingly prevalent, with integrated limited energy systems revolutionizing functionalities, such as intelligent lighting, HVAC control, building automation and advanced data communication systems. This session delves into the transformative trends driving the limited energy market and the abundant opportunities they offer to electrical contractors looking to enter the integration business. The strategic steps necessary to navigate this burgeoning marketplace successfully and the knowledge needed to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies effectively will also be discussed.

Moderated by Jeff Beavers.

Elevating Your Business for Long-Term Success

Crucial strategies are needed to transcend from daily task management to championing a forward-thinking mindset and strategic planning outlook that achieves enduring business success. This session will explore and apply critical business tactics including: Succession Planning, Technology Investment, and Process Optimization for Project Excellence. Your focus will be shifted from working ‘in the business’ to ‘on the business’ in order to drive sustained growth.

Driving Efficiency, Quality and Customer Satisfaction in EV Charging Projects

Performing quality work and providing great customer service is paramount to establish your business as a leader in the EV charging infrastructure reliability space. This session will discuss how to drive efficiency in EV charging, the electrification of transportation and how to work with generic EV charging project specifications.