The ROI of Returning Citizens: The Benefits of Including Ex-offenders in Recruitment

Each year over 600,000 individuals are released from Federal or State prison systems. One of the major factors that determine whether an individual will succeed as a returning citizen or re-join the ranks of the incarcerated is the ability to find meaningful employment post-release. This session highlights the benefits of including returning citizens in industry recruitment efforts. Explore the recruitment challenges of the industry, benefits available to companies that hire returning citizens and a broad overview of the system as explained through the experiences of both ex-offenders and prison industry professionals. 

Best Practices for a Multi-Generational Workplace

Bridge generational gaps! In this session, you will gain insights into the common communication styles and processes of the different generations currently in the workplace. You will walk away with practical tools, techniques and tactics to foster meaningful and effective communication and a collaborative work environment. Learn how to leverage these generational differences to the benefit of your business.

Bridging the Communication Gap Between the Office and the Field

To maximize productivity and profit, the field and the office must be on the same page, operating as a unit. A project can go south very quickly when communication is broken. To bridge the gap between production and project management requires a commitment to partnership and a common goal. In this session, you will learn about the power of partnership between the field and the office and have the tactics to bridge the gap at your company.

Triple Impact: Coaching and Mentoring as Investments in Retention, Succession, and Recruitment

This session targets organizational leaders and HR professionals, focusing on the triple benefits of coaching and mentoring programs in enhancing employee retention, succession planning and recruitment efforts. Participants will gain insights into how these programs keep current talent engaged, attract new talent and prepare for future leadership needs.

Roundtable Discussion: Company Culture

How does your company spread and build its culture? Is your culture the same in the field and office? This roundtable discussion among your peers offers the chance to share what you’re doing, the challenges you may have and how we can spread a positive culture across the entire industry.

Moderated by Emily Martin.

Addressing the Changing Workforce in Electrical Contracting

Small, simple steps can drive meaningful change and foster conversations to shape the future of the construction industry’s labor outlook. This session will analyze vital industry data, explore demographic insights, workforce perceptions, and key challenges facing electrical contractors through focusing on findings from the ELECTRI International study titled “Addressing a Changing Trade Workforce: Strategies for Electrical Contractors.” Innovative solutions and actionable strategies will also be developed by looking at workforce dilemmas and focusing on the often-overlooked worker viewpoint.

How Analytics And Algorithms Will Change Your Culture

To create a positive and successful workplace environment, it is crucial that we approach our hiring and culture development processes with an objective mindset. In this session, participants will gain an understanding of the criticality of adopting an objective approach and comprehend the impact of inherent behaviors on company culture and morale. Mastering the art of interacting with team members through ideal forms of communication and providing appropriate recognition will also be discussed.

How Electrical Contractors are Beating the Labor Shortage With Technology

It’s no secret that there is a global shortage of skilled workers across all industries, one of the hardest-hit sectors being construction. Efficiently using scarce labor requires an innovative approach only solvable by technology. In this session, learn how electrical contractors are leveraging software and hardware solutions to not only future proof their projects, but to also solve for labor shortage and inefficiency. Three key project areas where contractors can begin implementing technology in their businesses to best impact their labor efficiency will also be discussed.

The 8 Paradigms of Leadership

In this presentation, you will learn the 8 paradigms of leadership. The adage that “employees don’t leave jobs, they leave leaders” is just as true today as it ever has been as the younger generations are not afraid to job hop. Leaders have a unique impact on retention, employee well-being and organizational performance. Learn about your personal leadership style and gain a firsthand look at how employees view the different styles of leadership.