Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of Electrical Prefabrication Standards

NECA’s National Installation Standard: NECA 5, Recommended Practice for Prefabrication of Electrical Installations in Construction can serve as a strategic guide for all size electrical contractors. This session will showcase the key principles, benefits and best practices outlined in NECA 5 as well as provide contractors with valuable insight into the incorporation of prefabrication methods with a special focus on electrical inspection strategies.

Economic Forecast for Electrical Construction

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine’s Profile of the Electrical Contractor presents a wide and comprehensive view of the state of the industry. This session focuses on recent construction market developments and 2024-25 economic scenarios specifically for the electrical contracting market.

Cracking the Code: Data-Driven Negotiation Strategies for Fair Contracts in Construction 

General contractors and subcontractors can utilize data to achieve mutual understanding and fairness during contract review. This session will show the most common pitfalls in negotiations and project execution, and then reveal strategies for successful outcomes. ELECTRI and Document Crunch research will be leveraged to touch on the current state of the market and help contractors understand where they stand against their peers when it comes to contract risk and how to make informed decisions about the contracts they are signing.

Innovation in Action: Real-World Applications

Innovation is driving efficiency, safety, and profitability in electrical contracting projects. From advanced fabrication practices and project management solutions to cutting-edge AI tools, this session explores real-world case studies and expert insights into how innovative technologies and processes are reshaping the electrical contracting landscape. Contractors will also develop valuable strategies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.

Discovering Challenges and Solutions in Family Business

Running a family business comes with challenges. Oftentimes, the statement is made, “Stay in your lane!”. Identifying roles and responsibilities as well as strengths and talents, is where it begins. This session is designed for the NECA contractor trying to navigate the challenges that come with working with your relatives. This presentation will include a robust discussion where NECA member contractors share their real-life challenges and real-life solutions discovered through running a family owned business.

Moderated by Amanda King.

Safety Roundtable

Address safety-related issues that impact the field locations, office personnel, and customer facilities, at all levels of an organization. This NECA Safety Roundtable will discuss Human Operational Performance and how it integrates with safety on the job. A look into the 2024 NECA Safety Professionals Institute educational programs will also be provided.

Moderated by Wes Wheeler and Mike Starner.

Addressing the Changing Workforce in Electrical Contracting

Small, simple steps can drive meaningful change and foster conversations to shape the future of the construction industry’s labor outlook. This session will analyze vital industry data, explore demographic insights, workforce perceptions, and key challenges facing electrical contractors through focusing on findings from the ELECTRI International study titled “Addressing a Changing Trade Workforce: Strategies for Electrical Contractors.” Innovative solutions and actionable strategies will also be developed by looking at workforce dilemmas and focusing on the often-overlooked worker viewpoint.

Roundtable: Labor Relations

This roundtable discussion on Labor Relations topics will cover the current pressing issues facing our NECA member contractors in this fast-paced industry. Attendees will discuss critical industry matters and share best practices and think-tank solutions to potentially improve outcomes at the local level.

Roundtable: Service and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance work is centered around efficiency, safety and reliability of electrical systems. This roundtable discussion among your peers offers the chance to learn about service & maintenance best practices and strategies.

Moderated by Fred Sargent.

Fair Outcomes for Electrical Contractors for Schedule Compression and Out of Sequence Work

The business of electrical contracting is as challenging as ever. Projects often move at a rapid pace with minimal design documentation and less experienced managers. Identifying the “warning signs” on a project and understanding the tools that can help manage the documentation process is important. This session will arm contractors with best practices, standard tools and processes to properly document and make notifications of contractual changes.